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About the show

Join the Man in the Moon on a journey to a little known planet called Earth, where Alba Dinkley is shooting for the stars and planning to enter the Space Race!

Will Alba’s rocket even make it off the ground? Will anyone believe that the smallest of space explorers can do it? Will Alba’s Dad ever stop worrying?

Spluttering Spacedust!

Join us on a cosmic adventure to Outer Space with the Man in the Moon as your guide!

A space adventure of discovery, individuality and believing in yourself. For 3-7 year olds and their grown ups. Exploding with rocking music, puppets and a smattering of space facts and science fiction.

Production Shots


Developed with ARC Stockton and the Albany

Devised and Written by: 

Bob Nicholson, Hannah Goudie-Hunter & Ruth Mary Johnson

Performed by: 

Bob Nicholson, Sophie Coward, Stan Hodgson, Laura Riseborough & Umar Butt

Directed by: 

Ruth Mary Johnson

Songs and Music by: 

Jeremy Bradfield

Sound Design by: 

Jeremy Bradfield

Lighting Design by: 

Richard Flood

Set and Costume Design by: 

Alison Ashton

Puppets designed and created by: 

Georgia Hill

Title Image by: 

Von Fox Promotions

Photography by: 

Von Fox Promotions

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