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Tour Dates 2024

Jacksons Lane, London

13th-17th February
11am & 2pm

Lyric, Hammersmith

24th February
11am & 1pm

Maltings, Berwick

31st March

Gosforth Civic Theatre, Newcastle Upon Tyne

1st April
11am & 2pm

Alnwick Playhouse

2nd April
11am & 2.30pm

Hartlepool Town Hall

3rd April
11am & 2pm

Burnley Youth Theatre

7th April

Caerphilly Library

8th April
11.30am & 2.30pm

Pegasus Theatre, Oxford

9th April
11.00am & 2.00pm

Stockwood Discovery Centre, Luton

10th April
11.30am & 2.00pm

The Albany, Deptford

11th April
1.00pm & 3.00pm

Redbridge Drama Centre

12th April
11.00am & 1.30pm

The Old Town Hall, Hemel Hempstead

13th April
11.30am & 2.00pm

MAC, Birmingham

14th April
11.30am & 2.30pm

Battle Library, Reading

19th April
2.00pm & 4.00pm

The Front Room, Weston-Super-Mare

20th April
11.00 am & 2.00pm

ArtsDepot, London

21st April
11.00 am & 2.00pm

Carriageworks Theatre, Leeds

26th May
11.00 am & 2.00pm

York Theatre Royal

29th May
11.30 am & 2.30pm

Gala Theatre, Durham

30th-31st May
11.00 am & 2.00pm

Bishop Auckland Town Hall

1st June
11.00 am & 2.00pm

Seaton Delaval Arts Centre

2nd June

About the show

Deep in the forest, Mammy, Daddy and Baby Bear are preparing for winter.
Each day the Three Bears head off into the woods to collect interesting things they can re-use for their house.
As winter arrives, their cosy home is turned upside down by a colourful whirlwind that threatens to sit in their chairs, eat their porridge and fall asleep in their beds.

It’s Goldiocks!

Join us for an adventure into the woods with original live music, puppetry and a tale you thought you knew.

Production Shots


Created in association with Northern Stage

Devised and Written by: 

Bob Nicholson, Hannah Goudie-Hunter & Brad McCormick

Performed by: 

Bob Nicholson & Hannah Goudie-Hunter

Directed by: 

Brad McCormick (Cap-a-Pie)

Songs and Music by: 

Jeremy Bradfield

Lighting Design by: 

Richard Flood

Set and Costume Design by: 

Alison Ashton

Puppets designed and created by: 

Ailsa Dalling

Title Image by: 

Aimee Liversidge

Photography by: 

Von Fox Promotions

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