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About the show

The Owl and the Pussycat live in a dull and dusty world, so imagine how shocked and surprised they are when a stupendous storm sweeps them out of the window,


On to an unexpected sea voyage to a curious land.

But who will they meet? Which way should they go? And, what is a runcible spoon?

A joyful journey for energetic little explorers and their grownups.

Using puppets and live music, Kitchen Zoo brings to life an unexpected telling of Edward Lear’s The Owl and the Pussycat.

Production Shots


Developed in partnership with ARC Stockton and The Witham

Devised and Written by: 

Bob Nicholson, Hannah Goudie-Hunter & Ruth Mary Johnson

Dramaturgy by: 

Laura Lindow

Performed by: 

Bob Nicholson, Hannah Goudie-Hunter & Jeremy Bradfield

Directed by: 

Ruth Mary Johnson

Songs, Sound, and Music by: 

Jeremy Bradfield

Lighting Design by: 

Richard Flood

Set and Costume Design by: 

Alison Ashton

Puppets designed and created by: 

Ailsa Dalling

Title Image by: 

Aimee Liversidge

Photography by: 

Johnathan Ackley

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