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About the show

Our story follows Magus Scarper and Broderick Chase.
Or, as they are more commonly known


It was chance that brought them together, and it’s opportunity that keeps them on their toes.

And when they accidentally stumble into King Shirley 12th’s palace their latest opportunity unfolds.

Fooling the King into believing they are two of the most imaginative and skilled costumers in the land, they are tasked with creating the most divine garment ever made for the King to sashay his way through the town’s Christmas parade.

Can these two cheeky chancers pull off the greatest con of all time?

Production Shots


A Co-Production with Northern Stage

Adapted by:

Laura Lindow

Devised by: 

Bob Nicholson & Hannah Goudie-Hunter

Performed by: 

Bob Nicholson, Hannah Goudie-Hunter, Simmie Kaur & Jeremy Bradfield

Directed by: 

Mark Calvert

Sound, Songs, and Original Music by:

Jeremy Bradfield

Lighting Design by: 

Sam Vivash

Set and Costume by:

Alison Ashton

Puppets designed and created by: 

Georgia Hill

Choreography by:

Martin Hylton

Filmed by:

Meerkat Films

Photography by:

Pamela Raith

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